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These last years, MEMS technologies have pushed several limits further in terms of miniaturization so that it is now possible to design complex and multifunctional MEMS in restricted spaces. Distributed MEMS specifically considered in this Workshop integrate a high number of elementary components (actuators, sensors). Such MEMS address various applications such as micromanipulation, active control of structures, locomotion and raise specific issues either in the design or in the coordination of all the components: automatic control, software, communication network, computing power. New solutions for MEMS design, modelisation, distributed control, networking and information management have to be considered.

The objective of dMEMS is to bring together researchers and engineers in the fields of microsystems, computer science, networking, control to present, to discuss and to facilitate the exchange of knowledge at the highest scientific and technical level. Inter-disciplinarity experiences that connect these different fields will be greatly appreciated.

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